Britney Sick of Being Called Fat!

Well, it seems Britney is now extremely motivated to get in top form after all the crap she has gotten about her weight.

Britney is tired of being called “overweight” and has decided to get back into fighting shape.  She is on an extremely strict diet and working out for hours every day.  She needs to be back in shape by the time her new album comes out in November.

“The next time you see me out, you won’t even recognize me”, she states.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

These are pictures of her out and about yesterday.  There haven’t been very many pictures of her because apparently she is in hiding…working out really hard and getting ready to unveil a whole new Britney.


  1. jesus freak says

    britney has the right be the way she wants to be -hot and skinny or fat (pregant or not ) with even more attention , the way she feels comfortable its really on ones bbussiness but her own so everyone just mind your own bussiness.

  2. Denise says

    Um okay… for those of us that are nutritional overachievers, what we wouldn’t give to even be at the weight Brit was at while pregnant. Ooohhh, I forgot she has an “image” to uphold, it will help her sell more tickets… From what I remember her talent was her voice not her weight and once she gets back to work, the weight should fall off.

    I am not a big fan either and her parenting skills are only what the media portrays them to be, So even though I will buy Pink’s new album and skip out on anything Britney comes out with I think she is doing fine.

  3. Jenni says

    I just want to say that even though I don’t likeBritney Spears, people should leave her alone. For heavens sake she had a baby. There is no law that says you have to go back to your normal prepregancy weight. See that’s the rpoblem with today society, everyone has to been a skinny clone in order to be someone. That is why you see all these teens with anorexia and bulimia. Give the girl a break….

  4. kim says

    i dont think theres ne thing wrong with her.. sure shes gained a bit of weight but y is it the done thing now 2 lose it in a month of having ur baby? itz not like shes a huge size 30 heffer!! i think itz refreshing 2 c that shes normal just like us nd likes her full fat lattes! rock on brit!

  5. says

    I pink ….this is a cruel mutation of our society when we cannot show respect to a woman , who became a mother for the first time ! A BIG FAT HURRAY & PRAISES TO BRITNEY 4 eating & nourishing herself …& the sweet babe…
    and not hungerfast down to our pop-culture-standards- she shows us real humanity , and that’s a GOLDMEDAL for womans emancipation !! Please don’t worry Britney , take your time , you will always bee Britney !! with Love&Praises from Nina

  6. Ellen McAuley says

    I really feel sorry for Britney Spears because now she is a mother before a celeb and i really dont think that its fair that she cannot be that perfect mother because of the paparazzi. And I just want to congratulate Britney and Kevin for having a beautiful baby boy and I hope they find every happiness in the world. Love Ellen

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