Update on the TomKitten: Suri Cruise

Well, Katie had an epidural…thank goodness she was allowed one!  And she had her baby in the same hospital, on the same floor as Brooke Shields had her baby daughter, Grier.  That’s weird!  I hope Tom and Brooke didn’t bump into eachother!  Now a little on the name(which I personally don’t think sounds like a name that Katie would choose) Suri means Little Krishna. L. Ron Hubbard believes that Thetans (tom is an Operating Thetan 7) can reach a level of clear that makes them like god. Krishna also means god. So the meanings they give in the press release are also meanings of Suri but probably not the one reason. Also the S is Scientology is consiered a main symbol so it’s no surprise that the baby’s name begins with S.

Congratulations to the new family!

Katie Holmes Pregnant



  1. Lady says

    Congratulation I know I’m a bit late but I just found out about this website today. I’m happy for Tom and Katie and wish all the happiness in the world.

  2. Dezari says

    Congratulations to a beautiful couple. I hope for you all, peace and quiet soon. You are all very blessed to have each other……..

  3. says

    How splendid , this Saint Johns Hospital in Santa Monica was also the birthplace of my daughter Cosma-Shiva- she was born on may 17th 1981 …. it’s a great hospital , they allow you to do natural birth ….with all important flexibilities available ! Jippi!! Now I hope to see my grandchildrens arrival there sooner or later !

  4. says

    They would be a total loss, they would lose sleep I bet if it wasn’t for our advice and opinions. I bet they sit around at night and talk about what the public feels and how WE see things about them. OUR OPINIONS shape thier every move of every day!!! THEY CARE SO MUCH!!!! Thats the business….. HA HA HA HA 🙂
    Ya know really if you are here to make fun of us , why don’t you go to a different, in case you don’t know this site is STRICTLY FOR LEAVING YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT CELEBS. The point is not for them to read it it is for us to read it and see what others views are, so lighten up T. WE REALIZE WHAT THE SITE IS…..FOR US NOT TOM AND KATIE. (l)

  5. T says

    Yeah, I bet they are listening to every word you guys say. What would Tom and Katie do without all our good advice????

  6. says

    I agree with sakki and becks, I don’t agree with the whole cult religion thing either. From first hand experience, I marrried a man who wa not my religion. I am Catholic and he was something else, he never practiced his religion though, but forbid me to get my child baptized. I HONESTLY LOST SLEEP OVER THIS, I am not in church 24/7 by any means but I do have my faith, and it truly bothered me. He said we could have our child blessed another way, but still my heart hurt and I was depressed and worried about it. I got my child baptized anyway, he just was not invited. I FELT SO MUCH BETTER AFTERWARDS TOO. This is why I worry for Katie, you can’t deny somebody what they belive and you can’t change how they feel and were brought up. I worry because he is “TOM CRUISE” she will let herself be controlled by him, I HOPE THAT SHE IS SMARTER THAN THAT.

  7. becks says

    well a new baby for the world of showbiz..poor mite..what kind of world will this child see…dads a mega movie star…mums one too..normality for this child will be growing u with a camera in its face. please respect their privacy and let this child have a shread of dignity

  8. sakki wood says

    Katie will dump that couch jumping idiot as soon as she gets her strength back,,, Her father will take command as he probably was waiting until she had the Kid,,, I can see why this tom fool divorced Nicole Kidman or she dumped Him,, he is a fool who believes in a fools religion,, and katies family is no fool,,,goodbye tom,,, join the Thetans on level 8,,, heh heh heh

  9. kinny says

    Im seriously weirded out by the whole Scientology thing. My gut instinct tells me to run far away. I think it’s wonderful these two have a new baby.
    Katie, don’t change who you are to meet the needs of Tom. Be careful with the whole cult “religion” thing. I do worry. Tom seems awful controling of you. You are so lovely. Protect what your daughter learns. Make sure you feel good about it in your heart of hearts. Much love and luck.

  10. says

    CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS, On you sweet little bundle. I wish you all the best, good luck, in your family KAtie and Tom and Baby Suri.

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