TomKitten Has Arrived!

People magazine is reporting that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have had their baby! Further details coming!

Katie Holmes Pregnant



  1. Louisiana Girl says

    What is he in a manic phase?..Needs to get back on his meds… Bipolars always talk down about meds because sick people dont know they are sick. And yes it makes Suri high risk as well for the same mental illness.
    Have a support system dear, you will need it through this one.

  2. hannah says

    hai congrats 2 katie and tom all tha best but the whole sciantolocal stuff is rediculas! i hope katie screamed the place down i would have , and he made her have a giant dummie thats rediculas i wish them luck with the baby but i hope katie dumps him hes a complete control freak hes much to old for her!! katie was giving birth not him so if he wanted silance is he going to try to give birth to a baby! no so well done katie! good luck with suri and its a cwl name =] itll catch on!!!!

  3. Yo says

    hmmm rite… Congratulations to you both, but i think this is abit strange that Tom cruise will married someone younger than him 17 years!!!!
    Katie is so young for Tom cruise tho n yeh baby is born now so hopefully this is gonna stay like this forever….. happy family! n keep it like that!!
    Suri is a cool name!! is the other two children gonna be her step sister/brother then? even tho is not biological …….. ???!!!

  4. Natalie Logan says

    Well first of all the name they picked out for the baby, so wrong, they named her that for the wrong reason. Second of all I guess I wish them all the luck in the world.

  5. nikki says

    Congratulations to Tom and Katie on the birth of Suri.Never take each other for granted. That little girl is going to need both of her parents. Being celebs, cherish your family time when you can get away. Every one deserves privacy and it’s really sucky that celebs can’t get it during times like these. Congrats again wish you all the best.

  6. ~R~ says

    Congrats to the both of you!!!! Katie and Tom are soooo in love it really shows they will be amaing parents and little Suri is very lucky! I wish them all the best for the future and as for the name Suri it’s a wonderful name, the people who are saying it’s weird it because they live in this bubble where common names are the only one’s that are good! Suri is such an amazing name unique, it means princess and that’s how she will be trated by her parents! Congrats to you both!!! xXx

  7. Dee says

    Well, it seems they have a joyous event, and how will Suri feel or be when they fall out of love as celebs so often do?? As a Toledoan, Katie is an embarrassment to this city, and Tom, well let’s just refer to his comments on Brooke!! How repulsive!! I’ve spent many years to raise two beautiful boys, one who’s almost 18 and the other who’s almost 16, and my pride and joy is the fact, they’re not materialistic, hence how many basinetts etc have been ordered, and they treat people with respect and dignity!! While this is harsh towards both Tom and Katie, I’m sorry to say, they need to start living life for life and living life for what it is, not money, instead of shopping and spending, why not find a charitable cause or families who are less fortunate to adopt so they may have a better life?? Is that not the “Scientology” way either?? Pretty judgemental life if you ask me, and to be quiet, and no meds, Tom you have the next baby, then tell me to do that, both mine were 9 lbs 2 oz and I was a US Marine when I had my boys…I think I’ve achieved more serving my country!! I so liked him in his early movies, especially Top Gun, now he’s become your typical Hollywood Pretty Boy!! Hopefully someday he’ll be a real person and treat others the same!!!!!

  8. Zarah says

    I kind of like how the names are unique, although i will admit that they do go a little overboard sometimes. I like the name suri.

    but by having siblings named Gopie, Neelo, Ahmad, Siar and Sitarah, i should be accepting

    and suri is persian, although i dont know many persan girls with that name

    but all i was expecting katies baby soon, she looked like she was about to pop out 3 babys any second…what a shame it is that her father is such a weird-o

  9. says

    Congratulations on the birth of your daughter Suri.That seems funny that Suri(Toms) and Grier(Brooke) were born on the same day,in the same hospital,on the same floor!!

  10. says

    The naame Suri is a beautiful name.I lke what it means in persian and the other language(red rose and princess).Hope they have an awesome time with Suri like I had with my kids.(Jackson and Haylie).

  11. says

    The naame Suri is a beautiful name.I lke what it means in persian and the other language(red rose and princess).Hope they have an awesome time with Suri like I had with my kids.(Jackson and Haylie

  12. Mata says

    WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Congratulations to you both,,,,,,this is a great news, you now see your little princess and that’s awesome,,,,,lolz i hope you guys enjoy seeing your first child,,,wish you all the best luck for your career and also your family.,,,,,, much love with blessing from one of your fans.


  13. Nadsie Wadsie says

    With names like Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, Apple n Moses and now Grier and Suri. I almost feel compelled to search and search for a new name for my future babies! I am sure if they have a “regular” name such as Bill, Ben, John etc they will be getting teased in the future for having such boring names or maybe the other kids in their school will think their parents (obviously me!) am ultra-cool for thinking up such a “vintage” name!!!
    Oh the dilemma!!! Any ideas out there, do you think I should go traditional or adapt to the new tradition and call my babies after fruit and places??
    I am sure you are all out there thinking the same thing!!

  14. Wura says

    Awwww!!! It’s so cute that Tom and Kate have a baby girl!!! I wish you all the best with your new happy family now. Hope it lasts!!!!

  15. Renee says

    Congrats !!!!!!!!
    We love you both.
    Although, I think that sometimes, the world gets too involved in your private lives. May God bless your new family.
    From Our Blessed Family

  16. Carrie says

    I will say Congrats, but I am very skeptical of this relationship. Katie seems soo sweet, but Tom seems a bit controlling, and his whole scientology practice scares me. Is Katie even allowed to practice her own religion? But, on that note, its their lives and I wish them and the baby all the happiness.

  17. Kristin says

    I think it is hilarious that Brooke Shields’ daughter will share the same birthday as Tom’s daughter, after all the fuss he has made about her! Too funny!!! I like Tom Cruise but I think his relationship with Katie is really weird! Maybe I am just jealous! I like the babys name. Sure is one lucky baby!

  18. kinny says

    It’s so fun to watch celebs in their real lives. These two are so in love. You can see it in Tom’s eyes. It’s a rare excitement in someone. I think they will be fantastic parents. They really are a fun couple to watch. Katie was such a cute pregnant gal. However, I am a little skeptical of the whole Scientology Cult thing. Either way, to each his own, and much love and happiness to them and Suri.

  19. says

    I wish them and that little bundle all the best!!!
    As for the name I think it is the only way to MAKE YOUR CHILD STAND OUT. I like it better than GRIER HAMMOND that BROOKE SHIELDS put on her baby, I was confused i though she had a boy.

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