First Photo of Gwyneth and Moses!

This is the first pic of Gwyneth and her new son!  She looks soooo happy!  She probably feels tremendously contented to have a son and a daughter!  Moses was born by around 9 am on Saturday, April 8th by cesearean section at Mount Sinai hospital in New York City.
Gwyneth Paltrow



  1. Lisa says

    By the way there are a ton of Noahs out there. My daughter has had a Noah in preschool, a different Noah in the neighborhood, and one in Kindergarden. There is a world of difference between Moses and Noah.

  2. Lisa says

    I had a different odd last name and was ridiculed and hated it growing up. I to this day think it shaped me into not wanting a lot of attention. Odd names are just that-odd. It sucks to have a name that everyone misspells, mispronounces. Every year with new teachers they stumble over it, misspell it. All children strive to be accepted by their peers and the last thing they want is to appear odd, strange, different and a strange name zones right in on you. Oh yeah, give your child a weird spelled name but don’t be pissed or put out with all of the misspelled invitations, valentines, etc… that you will get. Let your child become their own individual and don’t think that naming them something “unique and special” does that for them. My beautiful daughters name is Hannah, so watch what the hell you write…

  3. Carleigh says

    Yeah but ya know something Apple, Moses, Suri and Rowan probably won’t ever be in a classroom with “regular children” they will more likely be home schooled or sent to a top notch private school with other kids that have rich parents that give them crappy, stupid, wierdo names too so they should fit right in. And BTW Denise there is NOTHING uncommon about McKinsi Rion and Griffin Ross except maybe the spelling. They were both in the top 500 baby names list check out if ya wanna verify.

  4. Denise says

    Apple, Moses, Suri, Rowan, these names are a heck of a lot better than Kevin, billy, meghan, Ashley… um Sean Preston…

    I have Mckinsi Rion and Griffin Ross… More power to those people that give the names thought and conspire to give their child a name of their own.

    So while Apple is sitting in a class of 4 Kaitlins and 2 Jeremy’s and 3 Hannah’s, She won’t have to have her name called Twice.

  5. amber says

    i think moses is a great name don’t listen to other people they are just jerks as long as you like it who cares

  6. Amelia says

    I think that the name Moses is GREAT!!!!!! WAy to go….When I named my now 4 year old son noah everyone thought it was wierd… three people I know have little boys named after my son. I think it takes a lot of guts to call your child a name that you like and not care what the rest of the world has to say about it. Way to Go!!!!
    Oh ya…by the way, my son Noah loves boats!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Michelle says

    I think Moses is a exquisite & unique name. Who wants to have a name that is shared with thousands of others. I think Moses is a name that holds great strength, honor & an un-yeilding bond of truth, beauty & greatness!

  8. kinny says

    Gwenneth is a different being all together. It only makes sense her childern’s names would be odd too. By the way, “You know how I know you’re gay? You listen to Cold Play.”
    -40 Year Old Virgin; Movie

  9. says

    Why on earth would you put your kids through life having those names, you do not have to live with it they do…and today doesn’t matter who you are kids are cruel to one another, what can you say when they home crying from school because they have been bugged all day about their name?

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