OMG! Katie Cannot Stop Shopping!!

Here’s Katie at Barney’s in Beverly Hills Wednessay night. Katie just keeps shopping, and for ultra sexy high heels!  She probably has one of those gorgeous gold-gilded walk in closets ala Mariah Carey!  And her nesting instinct is in overdrive as she awaits her baby’s arrival!  Well, her dress is very proper for a woman near the end of her pregnancy…it is very sweet and fresh looking.

Katie Holmes pregnant

Katie Holmes pregnant

Katie Holmes pregnant

Katie Holmes pregnant

Katie Holmes pregnant

Katie Holmes pregnant



  1. vicki says

    I don’t belive she is really pregnant. If this was taken a few days before the birth, her breasts would be huge.

  2. Whit says

    Her belly is so huge its and cute, its so wiered cause you have a human being inside of you. i cant wait to be pregnant and married, especially with my first baby. Also you can tell she is due any day here cause here belly so huge and suri has probably dropped. its so wiered cause i real life pregnant woman would be shoppin for the baby. but when your reach and has a ton of money. to me people like katie and tom dont really know how real parenting is. They have everything easy for them

  3. Taylor says

    and stop eating all that junck food its not good for the baby or babies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Taylor says

    wow she is huge i love whene some 1 is preganet and there somach is that big !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mia says

    the belly looks fake, looks like she stuff something inside her dress.she does now really support her belly when she is bending down.

  6. MARIA says

    They are so cute together, I think You guys should live this couple alone, so what if she is pregnant again, your not gonna spend for her finances on bringing out the baby in the world. And can’t they just watch Coonor play without You guys in thier back.

  7. Jennifer says

    Tom should be helping katie more by taking truns taking care of there baby! Not going out on the town! And i think it is to soon for katie to be out without the new baby!

  8. Sabrina says

    her belly is so big and its cute. I hope all the best in the world for Tom and Katie for their up-coming wedding and their baby or babies, we never know whether its gonna be twins or just one baby. THE BEST COUPLE.

  9. says

    You know that point in pregnancy where you don’t care if the baby pops out of your eyeball as long as you don’t have to be preggers anymore? Well I think she is there.

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