Gorgeous Photos of Tom and Katie!

Well…there is no denying that these photos are lovely.  Katie looks breathtaking and Tom looks quite dapper and gentlemanly.  I know….they are professionally done photos captured through the lens of some revered photographer no doubt, but they are gorgeous!

Tom reveals in the GQ magazine article how he discovered that Holmes was pregnant: “Oh, I—I looked at her. And I went, ‘You’re gonna tell me if you’re pregnant, aren’t you?’ It was a moment where… It was one of those things. And I knew at that moment she was pregnant. ’Cuz I notice things in people.”

Don’t forget to catch Tom on Primetime with Diane Sawyer tonight…should be dazzzling!

Katie Holmes pregnant

Katie Holmes pregnant

Katie Holmes pregnant



  1. marybeth neel says

    they r cute together….but tom is such a frickin a$$ hole ho doesnt love katie, and shes head over heals for him. katie ia sooooooooo amazing and desierve sooooooooo muck better than tom.

  2. deborah burke says

    Leave People Alone. Surely, you have enough life that it occupies most of your own time. If not get one and Leave Other Peoples Lives Alone.

  3. pat says

    I think all the ignorant people who are so ready to judge someone
    else should go get a life…..They seem happy until one of them decide to leave the relationship leave them alone….best wishes to Tom, Kate and their beautiful new baby girl……

  4. Teresa says

    Tom and Katie are a dynamic couple. Tom appears to be different then when he was with NK. I just take it that this time Tom is really in love. Katie is very fortunate to have one of her dreams come true. How many of us just wish we could be as blessed?

    Give them a break and let them be happy. Katie, I say go for it. You only pass through this world one time. Be happy in love and don’t worry about what the world has to say because this is your, Tom and Suri’s life. Best wishes on your upcoming wedding day.

  5. stacy says

    BINGO SANDY, TOM’S GAY, BIG SURPRISE. Those poor 3 kids and Katie. Nicole’s not around, she’s not dumb.keeps quiet. Poor Katie’s probably freaking out.. Come on let’s jump on the couch, fly the plane on 20/20 – what is Tom’s problem. Does Scientolgy accept the gay, controlling, movie star. Does he even have a lisence for his sonogram machine ? Katie better take Suri and get her as far away as she can FAST. Does Suri want DADDY AND HIS NEXT GIRLFRIEND sitting at every one of her sports games, probably not. Katie needs to “smell the coffee”.

  6. Beth says

    Looks like all the comments don’t make a difference. Katie just took the baby to Ohio ALONE!!!, Seems all is not well in tomville.
    I think he just had a baby to ‘prove’ he is not gay.
    Hope her family can wake her up in time to get a good (I mean really good) lawyer to get custody of the baby.

  7. Helen says

    Oh they look so happy and cute! I’m happy for Tom Cruise he has finally found someone he can share his life with and about time too. I hope their union is forever.

  8. says

    Their whole relationship is a FRAUD & I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t even really have anything other than a pillow up her dress! Tom tries WAY too hard to convice us of this ‘romance’ charade when it turns out that he doesn’t even like girls! My (male) cousin even DATED tom for a short while! Tom is so terrified of losing his female fan base, he will do anything to stop the truth of his gayness from being exposed & ends up drawing more attention to it with his numerous lawsuits. I mean come on, what other male actor SUES over being ‘outed’?? Think about it! Don’t buy into the fraud. His career is OVER until he can be honest with himself & the world!

  9. Vanesssa says

    I am so happy for them they make a great couple… i am 11 and im in 5th grd i am doing a state report and i have to have a famous person…my famous person is Tom cruise…if anyone has any information i could use please e mail me at punkymunky1@verizon.net…thnks

  10. says

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  11. nisreen says

    oh my.. ttoms lyk my heart.. iv loved him alwaz.. finally he seems hes settled.. i hope its the llast..

  12. Jenny says

    BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy for Tom and Katie, they were both my favorite actor/actress and they happened to get together. I LOVE YOU KATIE!!!!!


  13. marie says

    i don’t know, i think she’s in love,but tom……………i don’t think so. he’ll split and also will get the baby. you watch.

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