Everything Okay With Britney and Baby Sean

Good news!  It seems all is fine with mother and baby.  That was a scary story though.  Baby Sean fell and hit his head on April 1st when his nanny was lifting him out of his high chair. Something snapped in the high chair and Sean slipped from the nanny’s arms and fell, bruising his head.  They called a doctor to the house that day and after being checked out determined that Sean was fine. Six days later Britney and Kevin took Sean to the hospital because they were concerned that he seemed extra sleepy but no serious problems were found.  So, they were being vigilant parents about getting him proper medical attention, but maybe they should not leave Sean to the care of a nanny so much.  You hear about trouble with nannies ALL THE TIME.  Why take the risk….why can’t Britney have her mother be the nanny?  At least then she knows who is caring for her baby and the baby will be safe.

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  1. says

    OKAY GUYS…I AM CURIOUS IS SHE REALL YPREGANT WITH HER SECOND BABY???? If she my omg didn;t she learn the first time?? What is she doing? KEVIN IS A LOSER, if she can’t see he only wnats her for her money than…..i don’t know

  2. angel says

    It was bad enough, Brittney got pregnant the first time, she may have been able in some way to save her career, if she ever had one, but omg a second pregnancy. Her man obv doesn’t care about her, but cares about her money and his wanting a career. Dump his ass stupid, your flubbery tummy will not be appealing to him, your career, or the media. Atleast if he leaves you, or visa versa, you have money, not like us all to have a nanny, or whatever else you ever want. Take your money and invest in it, cause you will be a behind the scenes retired pop singer. Divorce your man, and get back in shape after baby #2. But anyway, not being mean, just get smart and goodluck in your endeavers.

  3. kinny says

    Can you say “white trash”? This pathetic little family needs some serious councling, & mandatory parenting classes. She was almost a cute girl about 4 years ago. What the hell happened?!! She has just ran her career into the litter box! Her sorry excuse for a husband should just crawl right back into the hole he came out of before he met her.
    These two are fire. Not hot, just out of control fire.

  4. says

    I am not a fan at all, but I feel bad for her, why is she so blind,,,,DUMP HIM BRITTNEY, DUMP HIM….omg Kevin is such a loser. What is she doing? And is it true has it been confirmed…is she pregant with a second child?

  5. Sabrina says

    Shes pretty and she looks like a good mother, and im sure that she is a good mother and i think that her husband is a good father and a husband. I dont think y people think that hes a bad husband or father, i mean give them a break!!!

  6. kie says

    i am a mother of three,and it doesnt matter who lookes after your children accidents happen and i say good look to her,how many accidents have your kids had if you have any?

  7. says

    I’m no fan for the Spears ethire,

    But i fell bad for britneys second child, she’s preganat again
    I wounder what problems r gonna happen to this one

  8. kelley says

    Okay, so I am no Brittany fan when it comes to her and the baby after the no car seat incident. But all reports have said that a doctor came to the house and checked him our right after so, ya know?

  9. carrie says

    Shouldn’t they have taken him as soon as he fell ? Come on Britney, you should at least have taken him to his pediatrician. ANY OTHER, NORMAL mother would have.

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