Scary News: Britney's Son Suffers a Fractured Skull

Police officers and officials with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) visited the Malibu home of Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline last Saturday after their infant son suffered a fractured skull.

According to a report in next week’s Star magazine, Sean Preston fell out of his highchair on April 1st but his parents didn’t take him to hospital until April 7 after noticing that he was sleeping more than usual.

Tests reportedly revealed that the baby, almost seven months old, suffered a skull fracture and blood clot.

The DCFS and a deputy from the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department visited the Spears/Federline home on April 8 at around 1:00 pm to investigate the incident. A spokesman said Tuesday that the case is closed and no action has been taken against Spears and Federline.

In February, the DCFS investigated Spears after photos appeared showing her driving with Sean Preston in her lap.

I have also heard reports that the DCFS and a deputy were doing a follow-up visit to the incident in which Britney did not have Sean in a carseat, and instead in her lap.  I suspect that some of these reports are being sensational in trying to relate the two incidents.

I hope that it turns out to be untrue that Sean fell and that they didn’t take him to be seen by a doctor until about a week later.  Why take any chances with such a young baby?  I hope he is okay.

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