Kate Hudson With 2 Year Old Son Ryder

Here Kate is with Ryder in NYC.  It is rather odd that her son is 2 and has a pacifier still.  What purpose can that possibly serve a 2 year old?  And I know it isn’t the poor kid’s fault, but Kate really ought to give the boy a proper haircut!  It is all very crazy granola bohemian!

Kate Hudson



  1. carolyn says

    kate is married to a rock star and that’s why ryder has long hair as for the pacifier he’ll give it up when he’s ready i think kate is a good mom she has a good mom i’m a big fan of goldie hawn

  2. lisa says

    she is beautiful. but that kid is so homley. cut his hair. you would think someone like her would have wanted a cute kid. bad luck for him…blahhhhhhhhhhhkkkk

  3. heather says

    i like the sling idea…ive never seen that before. i agree with #9 Stacy….once he grows up and sees that people mistake him for a girl he might cut it….i have a 17 year old cousin whos hair went half way down his back…he got it cut but its still shoulder length (and longer then mine…and im a girl)…just depends on the person.

  4. stacy says

    I have 2 sons. The 1st had a pacifier until he he was 5 when the baby was born. Tried cutting it, puting stuff on it, he wanted it, he gave it to the baby when he came home, and his teeth are fine. My 1st son was happy, peaceful, etc. My 2nd never took a pacifier and was miserable as a baby. Wish he took one. He is now 10 and will need braces. Just goes to show. As for Ryder’s hair, my son, 10, has hair like Kate’s son. We were in NYC at ESPN Zone and the waiter said “Honey you want a refill”. My son’s freind and I just laughed. He got pissed. He finally got his hair cut after being mistaken for a girl too many time.

  5. Lainie says

    Carrie .. I stopped using my pacifier when i was about Ryders age but ended up having crooked teeth. My brother used his pacifier till he was like 6 (NO JOKE, we had to bribe him..) and his teeth aren’t crooked. Sometimes stuff like croocked and odd teeth are natural

  6. Amanda says

    I think that little Ryder may be due for a hair cut. I understand keeping it long because of the rocker daddy and hip mom but Ryder looks a little like a girl. But, as for the pacifier I used one until I was like 3 and I have perfectly straight teeth without braces.

  7. kinny says

    Classy, classy, classy! I love Kate! She is so cute! Her mom is awesome too!
    Mush love and happiness to her and her family!

  8. Carolyn says

    I think this is such a beautiful picture of Kate and her son! It is nice to see a celebrity using a sling. I personally have used one for all 3 of my children and it is such a nice way to have your child close and lets them see the world from a better view. I don’t see any problem with the haircut or the pacifier either. Mine all had/have pacifiers at that age and my son has longish hair as well, so this picture is very endearing to me!

  9. carrie says

    As for the pacifier, he needs to get rid of it now. It can and will cause problems for his teeth. his hairs okay.His dads hair is that long, and I have seen longer. My daughters Sabbath school teachers sons hair is longer that my daughters!!!!!!!

  10. tonya says

    Asfor the haircut, I am not so sure what the woman is thinking. The boy looks very much like a girl. As for the pacifier, I don’t see the big deal. Some kids can be very difficult to get off of it.

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