Tom Cruise to be on ABC's Primetime Friday Night

This should be VERY interesting! Tom will be on ABC’s Primetime with Diane Sawyer this Friday night(April 14th) at 9. I’m sure he will be sobbing about his horrific childhood and defending himself against the whole adult pacifier he got for Katie thing, etc!

Katie Holmes pregnant



  1. kathy says

    i just wanted to say that i love all the pic’s but i love this one of tom the best good he’s good looking,i wish all the guys looked like tom


  2. Maus says

    Mh, does sound a bit strange, but I guess she might be late as Tom was on a TV show in Germany on April 1st and he only agreed to come to Germany because Kate thought it would be okay. He said, she just felt it wasn’t going to happen when he was away. She was right.

  3. Lynn says

    Has katie had the baby yet? In August of 05 she was showing. So say she was 3 months pregnant…Do the math…Even if she was only 2 months pregnant ( a little early to show with your first) she should have had the baby by now…what does everyone else think?

  4. Carrie says

    Tom is so self absorbed that he can’t even see whats important! He won’t marry Katie (or should we now call her “kate”?) until after the release of HIS movie….he is off here and there, riding motorcycles, flying planes…when he himself has said she is due “any minute”! Katie has turned from a happy, funloving girl to a “stepford wife” and its scary to see that happen to ANYONE! I don’t know Tom or Katie, however, if she WERE a friend of mine, I would be helping her find an OUT! His possesiveness of her scare me! I wish Katie the best of luck….she is going to need it!

  5. Susan says

    Tom Cruise NEVER “sobs about his childhood,” or calls it “horrific.” But that’s just the sort of stuff that people like Diane Sawyer try to contrive and wrench out of their well-known interviewees–for “emotional-interview points.” It’s the “Sawyers” and the “Laurers” of this world that thrive on negative emotion, or the “tragic” like carion eaters–for ratings.

    Truth is, Tom Cruise has expressed nothing but LOVE for his family, PRAISE for his mother, and GRATITUDE for the extremely valuable experience of pulling together. He’s no self-absorbed wimp! He’s a normal guy–of the best sort!

  6. kelley says

    “Don’t you people have anything better to do with your time than to discuss how you HATE Mr. Cruise??”

    Well, don’t you have anything better to do with your time then to go on websites and sing his praises? People have every bit as much right to dislike Tom Cruise (who they may have never met) as you do to adore him (even though you and anyone else who likes may not have met him either)

    Someone could go as far as to say that you can’t really talk about how good someone is that you have never met either.

    This is called the court of public opionion and that is the way the game is played. I personally will be seeing MI3 as soon as it is out and enjoy watching Tom on screen. However, his comments about Brook Sheilds and other mothers suffering from PPD were insensitive and dismissive. He himself is no doctor and yet he called Mr. Lauer Obtuse. Anyone with eyes can see that he has turned Katie in to some sort of drone. Now, if she wants to live that way and is happy then so be it. She has every right to live a long and happy life with whoever she chooses.

    I am sorry you are so offended by people expressing their dislike for Mr. Tom. I apologize because I have left derogotory messages here about him before. Please try to remember next time that people (all people) are entitled to their opinions and may not feel it is a waste of their time at all to harrang Tom for his ignorance about female heath and mental well being.

  7. Marlee says

    I think Tom Cruise is an amazing, dedicated, and focused actor. I sincerely believe that he puts his heart and soul into each part he plays. I resent all of the hatred columns and comments about him being gay and a terrible actor. Also, I wish just one time someone would tell me EXACTLY how they KNOW that he is gay. Don’t you people have anything better to do with your time than to discuss how you HATE Mr. Cruise?? If you just can’t help yourself and you are boiling over with some viscious hatred syndrome, then hate terrorism, hate the war, hate the economy, but don’t hate a man you don’t know and will NEVER meet! My gosh, I swear some of you are being eaten up alive by it!! Utterly and completely senseless.

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