Rumor Alert: Gwyneth to Have Scheduled C-Section This Week

It has been reported that Gwyneth is to have a scheduled c-section at a New York Hospital this week. She is presently in New York and this might explain her drinking binge as some women consider it okay to drink at the very end of their pregnancies.

In these pictures Gwyneth is on holiday in Mexico at the end of February. She looks wonderful and not a stretch mark to be seen! Lucky girl!

Fun Gwyneth quote:

“I think it’s sort of funny how you have to be doing coke off the ass of a stripper to be perceived as not boring these days.” Egads!

Gwyneth Paltrow pregnant
Gwyneth Paltrow pregnant
Gwyneth Paltrow pregnant



  1. Carleigh says

    your an ignorant bitch….she’s pregnant and she looks just as lovely as any pregnant woman. by the way..please use your spell check, idiot!

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