Katie Continues Her Shopping Spree!

Katie was spotted yesterday doing some shopping at an upscale paper goods boutique. She bought cards, crafty papers and some photo albums. It is refreshing to see her out-and-about without Tom hovering all over her! It is nice to see her enjoying a little independence! And she manages to look so CUTE and polished even though she is ready to pop!

Katie Holmes pregnant
Katie Holmes pregnant
Katie Holmes pregnant


  1. says

    Katie is as big as a dinosaur. After her pregnacy. Actually put pictures of the baby on this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sarah says

    This couple makes me sick. Katie and I are the same age, and I used to have a crush on Tom When I was like 8, I had a crush of Kermit then too. Come on, grow up. and the whole Scientology phenomenon is just rediculous. I has ok principals, but when you get down to it, its a cult. Wake up waco, your all freaks. And Tom lighten the reigns on Katie, How would you feel if she had the same mind control on you. No Tom you cant ride your bike, you could get hurt, no Tom you cant wear tight t-shirts I dont think its gentleman like. get over yourself you pretentious has been.

  3. Bonnie says

    Katie get out and take your baby while you can Tom seem to be a narcissistic person who will just control you and your baby forever.

  4. paula says

    I think Tom is quite different, look at his relationship with Nicole… they adopted… why? when Tom is obviously perfectly capable of making children, and supposed rumors shes pregnant with Keith Urbans baby. Katie is impressionable. If the science life is her life, then why let someone follow you around and tell you who your friends are and how to speak and carry yourself.

  5. Nicole says

    I agree with amanda they’re obciously very happ and i think they make a good couple. peole should just leavr them alone. They’re only people and u wouldnt care if any one that wasnt famous decided to be silent about it

  6. Amanda Lloyd says

    hi my name is amanda, i have been watching the whole katie – tom story and i think everyone needs to just leave them alone if they are trully happy then they need to live their lives without people butting into it. Now i know they have a big age difference but so what! So do me and my husband and we are happy. I have watched both of them, threw the years and i am a big fan of both of them. Butt please can’t everyone leave them alone and just be happy for them. Oh and Katie (you rock) wish I was in your shoes.Lol Email me Back Amanda Lloyd

  7. says

    I think its sick that tom cruise has control over katie holmes on keeping slient during birth if yr in pain and want to yell out u got to yell out if u cant help it!!! For excample tom bash his hand real badly the next thing he would do is yell out in pain without thinking!! and as for having little contact when the baby is born is stupid this relious stuff!! this is the real world just let nature take it each day!! why follow rules there is NO RULES!! just go with what yr feeling each day what if katie wants to breast feed?? u cant make little contact!!!I FEEL SORRY FOR KATIE AND THE BABY I HOPE SHE GETS OUT WHILE SHE CAN FROM TOM CRUISE HES A CONTROL FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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