Angelina and Brad Settle in at Posh African Resort

The couple has booked a 12-week stay at the posh Namibian Swakopmund resort. Swakopmund is an oceanside retreat much loved by Namibians as a welcome respite from the heat of the interior. It is also popular amongst visitors because of its old-world charm and relaxed atmosphere. Founded in 1892 during the period of German colonial rule, it served as the territory’s main harbour for many years. The couple, their children and an entourage including a doctor have rented a whole beach resort here and are believed to be here for quite a while, until the baby is born.The secluded resort has been surrounded by tight security. It is speculated that they plan to have their baby born in Namibia.
Angelina Jolie Pregnant


The posh luxury resort Swakopmund Hotel

Angelina Jolie Pregnant


The newest reports are revealing that they are actually staying at The Burning Shore resort in Namibia and that Brangelina has booked the entire property for their stay. The following is a photo and description of the very high-end hideaway.

Angelina Jolie Pregnant

Along the burning shore, the dunes rise like the crested back of a monstrous serpent twisting along the shoreline. Rising against the misty sky, their restless, ever changing bulk sculptured by the sea and wind. The stark solitude of the Namib, the burning sun, the elusive fog banks and the vast marine rich Benguela are all magically blended by the forces of nature to create the most contrastingly, spectacular coast-line on earth.Nestled between the looming sand dunes of the Namib & the mighty Atlantic, this ocean side lodge is located on Long Beach, just south of Swakopmund. It offers four suites and three deluxe rooms, each with private bathroom facilities. Enjoy meals, sundowners and afternoon tea on the outdoor veranda, which offers sweeping views of the Atlantic coastline.

How exotic!


  1. Carleigh says

    Oh and to Tonya about judging Angelina for arranging “hotel trysts” with her lovers….so what???? DAMN single mothers aren’t entitled to get laid is that what your saying? You need to shut UP! She’s not hurting anyone and she’s an adult woman with adult needs, it’s natural and normal.

  2. Carleigh says

    Yes, it’s probably likely that Brad and Angelina were having an affair and that is what prompted Jennifer Aniston to file for divorce in January of 2005. I just can’t fathom how Brad Pitt can be so insensitive to her though. It’s one thing to have an extramarital affair, then announce your adopting your lovers children and then BAM your lover is pregnant to boot. Jen has had a very rough year and I think she’s held her head up high and taken a very graceful approach to all the mud that’s been slung at her. However that being said I can’t believe all the hateful, nasty, name calling that is going on in this blog. Angelina might be odd, she might in other’s opinions have moral issues….but you know what it takes two people to tango and Brad was just as guilty. That being said Jennifer said something to the effect that people need to “GET OVER IT” and stop making her feel victimized and like she’s in a “SICK BERMUDA TRIANGLE”…she’s obviously referring to all the attention that has been given the situation and she’s likely had enough. Wishing someone pain and hateful things and being evil and venemous towards others is just childish and shows who the stupid people out there really are. All of you who have written the nasty things about the PEOPLE involved in this triangle need to rethink your words carefully and stop being so vile. You reap what YOU sow and worry about your own gardens and stop trying to weed your way into others.

  3. Tonya says

    Angelina is weird, crazy slut. Threesomes with her first husband, blood vials with her second husband. Plus, I read in an INTERVIEW with her somewhere, before Brad, that she kept a hotel room to take her male “friends” for a little fun so Maddox would not be exposed to all kinds of different men and she could get her “needs” fulfilled. SLUT! And before someone uses the defense that men can do it but women can’t, it is just as sick when a man sluts around. The woman dangled children in front of Brad and he took the bait. Apparently, he doesn’t care who he has children with as long as he has them now and doesn’t have to wait for someone else to be ready. Jen is lucky to be rid of him.

  4. says

    Funny how MEN can dictate when they want to have babies, his life I am sure would not have been put on hold, but what an age we live in when we still expect women to be bare foot and preggers. Wake up people!!!! Jen never said she never wanted babies with Brad, are all of you aware that she had a miscarriage a few months before Brad left? Unless you know the devastation of losing a child, then finding out your husband who should be helping you through that time was out bagging some skank, you should lighten up and show some compassion.

  5. Winnie says

    Janet, u r right abt had jennifer acted like a wife and had a baby she’ld still have Brad. she wanted to maintain her change but realised too late that u cant eat yr cake and have it. afterall she must have known that brad loves children.i pray Brad and jolies baby will tighten their love and make them closer.whether she had an affair with a married man or not is nt for anybody to judge,we could have done,we r nt all righteous,moreso, somebody created the opprotunity if she she dated a married man,pls leave her alone to enjoy her life and be happy.

    wish her love and happiness.

  6. Winnie says

    I learnt Jenny never wanted to have a baby but changed her mind now that Hes havinga baby at last,but come to think of it who divorced who?wasnt Aniston the person who served Brad with Divorce papers? pls enlighten me.Anyway am glad Brad and Angelina are together.Shes not a slut but a lovely down to earth lady. I wish her a safe delivery and i wish her and Brad the best of staying together.Brad deserves to be loved too.

  7. says

    Angelina is a homewrecker, Why is it, if men want to hold off having a family cuz of their jobs its okay Janet???
    AND for your information Jen was not holding out on having babies, were you aware she was almost 3 months preggers and had a miscarriage a few months before Brad left. It is devasting to endure losing your child, then to find out your husband who should be supporting you if nothing more than a white trash cheater is even more upsetting. SHE IS CLASSY AND GRACEFUL and I hope that loser Brad and his WHORE Angelina get all they derserve, they are a waste of skin those two as far as I am concerned!!

  8. Nadia says

    First of all we all know that Angelina Jolie had started to have an affair with a married man Brad pitt. Im sure that it was Angelina’s idea to have s*x and get pregnant on purpose just so that she could have the slut man Brad Pitt. I hope they both go to hell for the sins and of what they did to Jennifer Aniston.I pray all the best in the world for Jennifer Aniton and her lucky man. Angelina and Brad are gonna b the worst parents on earth.

  9. Janet says

    Well had jennifer acted like a wife and had a baby she’ld still have Brad. Now in every interview all she talks about is having a baby. Too bad Jen maybe Vince will give you one. That ugly ass man is all Miss I think I’m perfect deserves!!!!!! I love how all it took was Angelina giving Brad a child for her baby clock to kick in. She sounds like a follower to me she wasn’t ready before this pregnancy of Angelina’s. I wonder of she’s ever had an orginal thought???

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