Melania Trump Talks About Her Baby and Delivery

Melania revealed on The View that her birth was, “very, very easy,” and that “of course” she had an epidural.  Thank the Lord for epidurals!  No woman should go without one!!  Her son was born on March 20th, and weighed 8 1/2 pounds.  It seems that although Donald chose not to be in the delivery room to share the birth of his son, he’s been a very involved father.  I hope that is true, but Melania seems to be very forgiving of him, almost completely disinterested in her husband’s existence.  Melania said that Donald gets up with Barron in the morning, reads the newspaper and watches TV with him.  Melania did add that whenever it is time for little Barron to have a diaper change he says, “It’s time to see Mommy.”

She was certainly a very beautiful and elegant pregnant woman.  Donald is very lucky.  Just look at his second wife, Marla Maples.  Donald continues to upgrade.

Melania and Donald Trump

Melania and Donald Trump



  1. nikki says

    why can`t he find a wife his own age?im happy for him and M and there son but like God she is like in her 20 or early 30`s and he is in his 50`s but they look happy so …
    wut ever!!!!!

  2. little whit says

    ya she is just a little young for him and i am sure she just wants his money!!! but then a maybe i am wrong (but i highly doubt it!!)

  3. kinny says

    He may have horrid hair and not be the most attractive, but I have heard Donald is a genuinely kind hearted person. Perhaps M sees deeper into his soul (and I’m sure the money helps too).

  4. Tracey says

    Their lifestyles are such that they could go weeks (or even months!) and not have direct contact with each other. Maybe she felt her clock ticking and Donald can provide very well for her. Then again, maybe she barely gets a dime out of the relationship if it ends. And maybe the comb over hairstyle and frompy smile doesn’t bother her at all and she truly loves him. Heck, she could be in a sweatshirt, jogging pants, hair in a pony tail and no make-up and STILL look hot next to The Donald on one of his best days! Time will tell what the realtionship is made of. I for one, am counting on this one to last. She seems smart and there’s a quality in her eyes. All the best to the 3.

  5. Angelica says

    Hey I gave birth just 3 weeks ago without the epidural to a 7lb baby girl and I think it went pretty well( no screaming or pooping or throwing up). My husband was with me and everything was well. The nurses where asking me if I want the epidural and I refused the whole time. of course that Melania loves Donald’s money more than she loves him and of course that she is using him as much as she can because he is using her body , right? man he is ugly . . .

  6. Sheryl says


  7. betty says

    Thats not normal, she must have had the best of care, and when she went uh, she was given medication. Sorry melania, you’re not normal


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