Poor Katie: Part Deux! Adult Pacifier for Katie!

Part of me can’t help but laugh about this, but this is so completely scary if true!  Supposedly Tom comissioned an adult sized pacifier to be made for Katie, in order to keep her quiet during their baby’s birth.  I know….it does sound bizarre, but it could actually be true.  Let’s hope it is just a vicious rumor thought up by a creative Tom Cruise hater!  Tom Cruise is denying this story.

Katie Holmes pregnant


  1. Michele says

    I’m not saying that anyone should be silent while giving birth, but it’s possible. I delivered twins (6+ pounds each) and was quiet except for one grunt while making my final push.

    I hope the couple is happy and I REALLY hope they do all that is in their power to give their new little girl all the happiness she deserves.

  2. Lisa says

    As stated so many times, the public as a whole feel Tom Cruise has finally lost it. However, he is just one person in this big old world. We as a society hang on his every word, waiting for him to finally “hit rock bottom”, and get paid millions to sell it to the masses. We enable him to spout his idiocy and nonsense, and observe his wakiness. Wake up people, there are worse things in this world that Tom Cruise’s meltdown. I am concerned for Katie, but she is a grown woman, and invariably it is up to her to assess her living situation, and change it. Who are we to tell others what to do with their lives based solely on observations determined by the media. The best way to make them go away is to stop talking about it.

  3. Melissa says

    During the birth of my son, I have to say I was pretty much out of it! But I remember there is no way you could give birth silently! Katie should do what her body wants to do! I personally had to sink my teeth into my partners hand and take a handful of chest hair out! He was pretty cool with that. Tom should just see what happens and let her decide what she wants to do!!

  4. Margie says

    I am 5 ft tall. My first child weighed 8lbs. Although I was in labor for just 6 hours, my labor was fast & furious. I will tell you it was absolutely the WORST PAIN I had ever felt. When I had my son, the Dr’s did not give epidurals. I was only allowed shots of Demerol. I was in such extreme pain that at one point I actually asked someone to just “shoot me”. There is no way I would have been able to “remain silent” during my labor. No way. Like a previous poster said, there is NO WAY I would let a man, even if it isTom Cruise, dictate to me how I should manage labor & delivery. If Tom Cruise had any inkling how excruciatingly painful labor & delivery is, he would not make the absolutely ridiculous demand that Katie follow L. Ron Hubbard’s “teachings” that a laboring mother must remain silent during labor & delivery. Where the HELL does Mr Hubbard get off?? I say once a man has delivered a baby, then “maybe” he may have something to say about how Katie should conduct herself, but unitl then, he needs to SHUT UP with his ridiculous, self-serving, controlling demands. God-speed Katie, you are going to need it.

  5. Sheryl says

    katie cant go home! shes a tom cruise puppet!!! ive had babies and kidney stones…which is worse? hmmmmmmm…i dunno its real close…tom..can you say kidney stones?you cant give birth so thats the next best thing..oh yeah,while youre passing them…shhhhhh!!!!!!! no screaming allowed…katie,use your head for something besides a hat rack…..opps! proved that isnt possible…youre with tom!!! tomkat hater here…whats with all the silly names…? Tom USE to be ok…katie too…poor baby…thank god we dont choose our parents..this kid would run like HELL!!!!!

  6. Kim says

    I think he’s absolutely crazy!!! That poor girl needs to get away from him now!!! I hope she comes to her senses. I’d like to see him try and have a baby. Let’s see if he doesn’t scream!!

  7. Judy Yates says

    I’ve been a fan of both Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for a long time and think they’re both very remarkable people and also very much in love with each other. I am a Mom of 2 kids and have been married with the same man and father of our two beautiful kids for going on 25 years. When you love someone as every person (man or woman) out there knows, when Katie’s time comes to deliver she will do what feels natural and right for her and if screaming, crying or whatever she needs to do in order to help numb some of the labor pain, then I truly feel that Tom Cruise will do anything to help her along, even turn a deaf ear to some things she may say or even scream to help her ease the intense waves of labor pain, as a woman’s mind sometimes goes into a kind of trance to help her shoulder some of the intense pain her body is experiencing and she is not always aware of what she may say or do. Let’s try not to be so harsh and allow Tom Cruise the same freedoms that we all are entitled to (celebrity or not), as anyone knows that has been through childbirth, no one is aware of the true reality of just how painful first time childbirth can be. I wish Katie Godspeed during her delivery and may God Bless Tom, Katie and their new baby!

  8. Cindy Care Bear.................... says

    I would love to see Tom Cruise pass a 7lb or 8lb body
    out his back side but he has to do it silently. I never heard
    anything so stupid in my entire life. I pray Katie wakes
    up soon and breaks off this relationship he is a sick
    puppy. I hope her parents can talk some sense into
    her and she goes to a hospital, to deliver her child
    safely with a qualified doctor. And Katie if you want pain
    medication take it, because it hurts like hell to have a
    baby. Please get away from Tom Cruise and his sick
    cult they are a bunch a nuts, and Hubbard was a science
    fiction writer for christ sakes where does he get off telling anyone how to give birth, i honestly think if i saw
    Tom in the street i would punch him in the face, that’s
    how much he disgusts me write now and i used to like
    him and his movies not now.

  9. pilar says

    Tom Cruise’s public behavior over the past two years has been alarming to say the least. One does not need to know the history of psychology (as Tom himself claimed to have studied in his memorable appearance on the Today show), to make the observation that Tom desperately requires pychiatric help of his own.

    While it is OK for him to leap up and down screaming on Oprah’s couch like a deranged lab monkey, poor pathetic Katie cannot cry out in pain during labor. Earth to Tom — it’s called labor for a reason! What is Tom going to do if Katie starts screaming? Tape her mouth shut?

    If no one in his camp can figure out a way to knock some sense into this knucklehead, at least get him to keep his mouth shut about his personal life and stick to promoting his movies. His talent can only go so far.

    I never liked him personally. That wacko religion he so openly touts is really hard to swallow. Practice it all you want Tom but stop blabbing about it — and leave Brooke alone! When you have post-partum depression, then you can tell us about merits of diet and excercise over medication.

    His antics have made him intolerable. I can’t stand the sight of him — that is unless Jon Stewart or a comic on VH1 or Comedy Central or anyone else is making fun of him.

    Keep up the good work Tom.

  10. betty says

    I really believe hes a nit, its not normal the way he’s treating her, katie get out, go home with your parents, he’s a bad bad person

  11. Loretta says

    I think if anyone has to push someone around, its because they need to feel big. I would also love to see Mr. Big shot give birth without a squeak come out of of them. I also don’t think Katie will ever be able to take charge or anything else in this marriage. Tom is the big boss. Must be able to boss people around to feel big.

  12. kelley says

    Scream Katie Scream! Let’s see how quite Tom is if he ever has to pass a kidney stone. Screaming or moaning is very healthy durring delivery, if you try to contain it you may very well tense up muscles that need to remain loose in order for the baby to come out. Tell Tom to shove it.

  13. Brittaney says

    I like to see Tom give birth. There is no such thing as a silent birth with no drugs please!!! The only silent that you will have is your hand around their neck! Unless he is going to push out a 7lb baby out of his tiny hole then we can talk about a silent birth. Its the worse pain I have ever been and not to have drugs is stupid. Your asking to be misberable.

  14. Leslie says

    That’s ridiculous! I am currently 4 months pregnant with my second child. My daughter was in the breech posistion and I had no choice but to have a cesarean performed. I am not sure what the future holds for this baby, but I MUST say if I am to have a vaginal delivery there would be NO MAN (espceillay my husband) telling me what to say or in this case, what NOT to say during labor! I am angry and disturbed by some the these cult like rituals of Scientology. I’d personally like to see Mr. Tom high and mighty attempt something so traumatizing to his body without a squeek or profanity.

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