Katie Takes Charge!

Katie at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills having a little shopping fun before baby! She is truly due any minute, and it seems she is taking charge! Maybe her parents are helping her out more and she is feeling strong and clear about what she wants. It seems she plans to deliver at a very posh maternity ward at the Catholic hospital St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, CA. It is the same hospital that Heidi Klum gave birth at. Delivery in the maternity unit costs $20,000 to $35,000, but is apparently worth every penny as it is like staying at The Four Seasons. I hope she has a wonderful delivery and a healthy baby!
Katie Holmes pregnant


Katie Holmes pregnant


Check out her ring!  Very unique!

Katie Holmes pregnant



  1. says

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  3. subreina says

    i need to comment too.when you wanna give an advice give it in a nice way sopeople can listen to you and like your convo .and kate do you know how much i adore you .im from lebanon iused to watch dawsons creek back there i used to fight with my mom over the dishes cuz id be watching it and she would want it to be done but i didnt care and about those jeans your wearin ppl have apoint its not good forthe baby i tried it and i would feel so much pain. i clean banks with my husband so id run to the kitchen to see whats new but katie trust me its not gonna work anyways your gonna see it sooner or later but this is your life and we dont have the right to put our nose in it but sometimes when a person feels sorry for someone he would like to give him an advice .all that i can tell you is to get out of that mansion run away from those body gaurds and live your life women your sweet daughter cant live that kind of life you have to thiink about her now shes the one who counts now its not your life anymore that you have to think of you cant force her to do what you wanna do i wish theres away that i could communicate with yoou but mr. cruise will not let that happen ofcourse we are all praying for you to wake up xoxoxoxo

  4. Amanda says

    Katie and Tom, Good luck on the new baby and Congrats. i hope everything goes well and umm and especially with the little one u have now.

  5. Cariss says

    I ‘need’ to comment to all your comments & about Mrs. Katie & Mr. Tom…
    With my 1st pregnancy at the time off delivery I weighed 107lbs & I’m 5.5. My stomach looked “H-U-G-E!”
    I wasn’t anorexic, but very small boned.
    With my 2nd I was 120 and it did look like a balloon.
    I’m glad I didn’t know women ‘or’ should I say “little-backbiting-girls” like you!
    (but I didn’t wear pants that tight)
    My feeling is she probably did when she went out because it’s sounds like she needed too…or else girls like some of you would chew her up if she wasn’t picture perfect…
    Oh…and Jennifer Holland, Terry, Savannah, Stacy and Sheryl, I’ve seen her baby…she’s lovely…and look, no birth defects! But I bet you wish there were… it would give you something else or someone else (a tiny innocent baby) to pick on.
    You should be ashamed, but in this day it’s hard to find nice people or true ladies.
    Plus you want to pick on her because she has natural boobs!
    You woman don’t even know either one of them.
    No matter what you would find something or someone else to pick on.
    I don’t know why, but I do care. I hope you can get some help for your anger…Because it didn’t start with Katie & Tom.
    Mr. & Mrs. Cruise, I hope all your dreams come true!
    My only worry?— Scientology

  6. pat says

    I”ve had 5 babies myself and my stomach didn’t look the same each time……I think she looked beautiful, and I wish her the best….

  7. Terry says

    What is with that weird tummy….been preg myself, 2 x…had 9 lb babies….never was my tummy looking like that! Tooooo Strange.
    I miss the days of the real Katie, before Tom and his “church” ideas took over.


    ok yeah right!!!! wtf is up with those last two pix??????? Did no one notice the fake balloon under her shirt? I am 26 years old and preg. with my 3rd child and I cannot believe they are trying to pass that off as a baby!!! She looks as tho she is 100 lbs, she is wearing jeans that look size 0! No one pointed this out? Her baby would be much lower on her body if she was that preg. since the baby moves down for delivery. And theres no way she could wear pants that tight or button them for that matter!!!! This is crazy, and now its been over 3 months since this “so called baby” was born and still no pix of the girl. THIS WAS THE MOST OBVIOUSLY STAGED PREGNANCY!!!!! WACK! IM EMBARARASSED FOR THEM BOTH!!!!

  9. stacy says

    Katie has no class. Who in their right mind would wear jeans like. That poor baby is literally being pushed in an abnormal position. No wonder Katie’s face looks like she is in so much pain, she probably physically is. Tom probably won’t allow her to wear classy maternity clothes. She looks like white trash who can’t afford to buy herself decent clothes. She should pawn the ring and invest in some clothes. That stomach looks fake. What’s with her coats – skin tight on top – no breast – and wide open with that disgusting stomach sticking out. She must be completely Scientology brain washed although others such as Madonna, Britney, Demi, are still classy. It’s sad to see such a young talented woman allow herself to be so broken by a crazy control freak.

  10. says

    I likes you guys together at first…then I started reading things in mags, from first hand experience, IT IS GOING TO GO WRONG DEAR KATIE, men that are that much older than you want to control everything and the whole religion thing will be the dimise, you can’t have a happy marriage when you disagree about one of the most important things, YOUR FAITH. If you wnat to take the baby to your church the fight will be on. I say this cuz I have been there done that. Not that Tom is a bad person, but get out of your childhood fantasy and see the light. Sciencetology is nothing more than a cult, do what you have to Katie and stick the pacifer where the sun doesn’t shine. I find it so amusing when he says you have to have a silent birth, GET HIM TO PUSH A WATERMELON OUT OF A PIN SIZE HOLE AND SEE HOW DAMN QUIET HE IS!!!!. Good luck Katie, I wish you are your baby the best.

  11. jamie says

    i think everyone should keep their ugly little comments to their self cause to me its not gonna help her any….and if tom is a bad man shell figure it out on her own she doesnt need you all hating her for no reason….now i can understand the brad and angelinea thing thats alittle overrated….i cant stand them…well i wish you all would start being nice to katie….she needs it in a time like this shes pregnant….shes allowed to look the wrost she can….all pregnant woman all….thats just my thoughts….

  12. jamie says

    I loved you on Dawson’s Creek and I still love you! You seem like a great preson and looks like your gonna be a great mom too….Your a lucky girl i know everyone would love to be in your shoes right now….Well best wishes to you and Tom and the new baby when it gets here….congrats, Good luck with the birth its a peice of cake…

  13. kelly says

    I think they are a cute couple and people sould leave them alone.I wish them well.
    It has to be hard to be in the public eye.
    Everybody watching and making coments.
    Good luck to both of them and their new baby,and the rest of their family.

  14. cheryl says

    hi katie i am not a tom hater or akatie hater.i thank you a are doing good and tom.i hope you have a healty baby….and you are fine.i have 3 children..andrew,angel,aliyah….angel was born on my birth day ….12-5-97….well good luck…..from n.c. dublin ,elizabethtown,

  15. Janet says

    Yeah, I’m also dating a high profile nascar driver myself Ha.ha. Who you dating nerdy Kurt Busch LOL. Nive try loser.

  16. Sheryl says

    LMAO! still NO boobs!!!! Katie get a life!!!!! so sick of hearing about katie and tom…tomkat…everytime you turn on a tv or open a magazine..there they are…ok…so theyre tied with pitt and jolie..who are sickening too!!! opps…maybe youre thinking i dont have a life…nope! not even close..im dating a very high profile nascar driver..you guess which one!(wink)Savannah makes a great point…youre pregnant..they do make maternity clothes!!!you still got a little of the anorexic thingy going on..um….yep! i am a katie hater!!! all that started since tom …venting…dont like it? dont read it!!!

  17. Savannah says

    Is that a shelf they stuck underneath her shirt?! She needs to unbutton them pants and let that baby roll around and drop. She’s never gonna have this baby if she keeps wearin’ tight britches like that! She looks really abnormal here. Katie, take them size zeros off and try some maternity clothes!!

  18. poyling says

    Katie, I wish I were in your shoes.
    I had a cruise on Tom Cruise since I was 12.
    I was raped by 5 white men, became an unwedded mother
    at age 17. I had this baby in my arms for 4 days as per
    arrangement with the Children’ Aid Society – the baby
    was adopted. Few details about the parents of my baby::
    they were married for 5 years, unable to have a baby
    Dad works for the CN Rail for 10 years and is the chief
    engineer, the wife is a doctor, so they are highly
    educated, accomplished couple. I am sure that they
    will take good and loving care of Sherilyn.
    I end up in the mental hospital – Riverveiw, I became very
    depress, so the shrink decided to give me 3 ECC
    treatment – to help me forget my recent troubles and
    I am now 54, retired at age 49 because Canada
    Mortgage and Housing transferred the Vancouver Loans
    Administration to Toronto, Ontario. I was a Housing
    Officer in the Vancouver CMHC specialing with native
    client – I help make Native Land Claims according
    to CMHC rules. I write to my Indian clients even though
    they can not read. Some of the Natives do not know
    that they have a house and is not paying rent,. Their loan
    from the Department of Indian Affairs – the monthly payment is usually subsidied by CMHC because
    majority of my clients do not know what to do when
    they receive their paycheque: have parties, and get
    drunk, can not read, do not own a telephone. Most
    Natives are seasonal workers: fisherman, logger,
    logging mills. I have lived with the Haida Indians of
    Masset when I was ten till 15 – then My dad relocated
    his family in Vancouver by selling his 2 bowling alleys,
    dance hall, restuarant. I know Robert Davidson, my
    older brother Peter was in the same class with Robert,
    I love all of Robert Davidson artwork. Poyling

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