Britney Spears Denies Pregnancy

Britney has denied that she is expecting her second child with Kevin Federline. This is good news considering how hard she was partying at Kevin’s birthday party extravaganza in Las Vegas(complete with midgets). She was seen drinking alcohol which raised a few eyebrows. But apparently she is not with child. “Britney’s not pregant, and if she were, she wouldn’t drink,” stated Britney’s representative.
Good to hear she has more common sense than Gwyneth!

P.S. I LOVE her dress! So summery and bohemian! Looks a lot like one I ordered that is on backorder from Victoria’s Secret! Yeah!

Britney Spears Pregnant


Unconfirmed reports have claimed Federline had to take Spears to Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center this week, after the singer suffered stomach cramps. “Unfortunately we cannot go into patient specifics due to patient confidentiality; however I can confirm we did receive a new patient to the maternity ward. I’d like to say that this female is in a fit and healthy state”, Barbra Johna is quoted as saying.

That certainly was cryptic. Hmmmmmmm…..


  1. says

    I find Britney Spears really beautiful and strong in character- the kind of person I need.She is also strong, seeing where she is from-relationships and the likes.It takes a very strong willed person to get through that .Congrats Britney and keep it up!

  2. poyling says

    Britney – I wish you all the best in your world. Be brave
    and strong when you have to, and kind and considerate
    when necessary. It is time to cut your apron string from
    your DAD – learn to make decisons and live from your
    mistakes. Do not live in the pass, look forward and
    take action to improve your wellness – take your time
    with your baby because He grows so fast – you do not
    want to miss any of his pieces of eight! poyling

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