Angelina Jolie Selling out in Asian Beauty Markets

Asia is big on all things family and children. Just like Beckman (Posh Spice and husband) family were huge in Asia until David cheated on his wife. Now it seems like Brad and Angelina have taken over as the new most popular family. When I was in Singapore the subway was plastered with government posters advocating for Singaporeans to have a lot of children as it was the most patriotic thing that they could do for their country.
Jessica Alba has done commericals overseas for Shiseido. You can check it out by searching for Jessica Alba on Celebrities like to do commericals overseas so they don’t get press in the States for being a sellout and having a lust for cash!! Just like Gwyneth Paltrow is seen doing for Martini Rosso Italian Liquor in a previous post.

In these pictures, Angelina is seen leaving her apartment in France yesterday morning for a photo shoot for cometics brand Shiseido.  Maybe she should stay home with her adopted children instead of constantly running amok.  In my opinion, she seems to be constantly running from something, be it her own father, her various marriages, etc.  She can’t even stay in one country for very long…South of France, England, Dominican Republic, etc.  I hope that I am wrong about her as Brad seems like a well-intentioned guy.  Unfortunately, he seems to bounce from one self-absorbed woman to another.  He deserves better.
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie pregnant with Brad Pitt



  1. Jennifer says

    I read all of this just shaking my head. I seriously wonder why this is so important to people. Why stories like these continue to inspire such intense emotional reaction and consequently billions of dollars for various medium. The bottom line is that they make money, people buy the magazines, read the web postings, and maintain the interest. The saddest part is that energetically it is so deeply negative, on both sides, and an outlet for deeper problems. It is easy to be the inactive observer and pass judgement on others. It is far harder (and MUCH MORE USEFUL) to actually turn the light on yourself. To impart change. In the best light, this kind of medium inspires obsessiveness and voyeurism. At worst, it compels hatred and vitriolic outbursts. The bottom line is that there is darkness and light in everyone, all of us. I don’t understand why people delude themselves, believe the rumors, and perpetuate a truly unhealthy cycle of negativity. Spend some time helping other people, caring about yourself, and trying to be at peace. Because that is what the world needs more than anything else.

  2. Carleigh says

    god I can’t believe how hateful and downright nasty people are. and i suppose for those of you who sit there in judgement of brad/angelina have never done something wrong right???? that’s how you can sit and sling mud and whine pathetically on this blog..grow up. stop being so ignorant..people get divorced, adopt children, have affairs, get pregnant every single day. the difference is that brad and angelina must be forced to have their dirty laundry aired in a public forum for all to see…back off!

  3. Somjit Shartle says

    I can’t believe what I had read those people who comment about Pitt and Jolie.these people must be very unhappy and hateful.But remember goes around comes around.You people just leave Pitt and Jolie alone.Don’t be so jealous with others happniess,get a life.

  4. says

    this is what i consider DEADLY WRONG with earthlings
    they behave like judgemental little LEMMLINGS
    and smear verbal abusive dirt on pregnant woman …
    just please shut up & dance !

  5. brenda says

    angelina is a slut she was sleeping with brad before he got a divorce from jennifer. She should of sue him for adultery. She is a nice looking person she can get anyone that she want. As soon as angelina has her baby she not going to stay with brad because she like women and her brother. She need to let the kids play with other kids they are going to be just like her self absorb and into them self.She is just a homewrecker.Brad is walking around in a daze like he don’t know what to do. He better check himself before he reck himself.

  6. says

    Angelina is ppor excuse for a human being. I DON’T KNOW HOW SHE LOOKS AT HERSELF IN THE MIRROR EVERY MORNING. She should be disgusted. And so should Brad, he is an asshole and loser, who in thier right mind would trade Prime Rib and Lobster for a Mcdonalds Hamburger? Its exactly what he did. Angelina is a skank. And FYI Kinny, they are in the media being blasted in a negative way, hello. I would rather keep low key than be in all the mags with people saying whay a homewrecker I was..SO REALLY THE JOKE IS ON YOU, MEDIA ARE LAUGHING AT ANGELINA AND BRAD, BUT IF YOU CALL THAT WINNING THAN ALL THE POWER TO YOU!!! 🙂

  7. kinny says

    Alright these two are my favorite celeb baby couple. They are fantasticly beautiful people, not only on the outside, but with their goodwill works around the world.
    I really want to see these two live happily ever after. But I have a feeling, Angelina may be more than Brad bargained for. He doesn’t seem happy when you see him in photos. She seems to wear the pants in that relationship (and there is nothing wrong with that if it works for them). He is always behind her in photos and footage. She seems to be dragging him around the world on her leash.
    Seriously, they need to park it for a while and raise their kids where Maddox can run & play with a consistant playmate his own age. What will they do when the kids start school? Children need stability in their enviornment. This will surely be interesting to watch play out over the years.
    I think they are wonderful dedicated parents that truely love their children. I wish them happiness and true love for one another.
    Can I just add I think Jen is a selfish gal. I just sit back and say, “Na na na na na na! The spotlight’s not on you!” 😛

  8. Nadia says

    they both committed a sin, and they will both will pay for what they did to the ppl who loved them.

  9. Sabrina says

    i hate both angelina jolie and brad pitt and i hope they both can go to hell and they deserve that because of what they both did to jennifer aniston. agelina jolie is a bad mother. im sure that it was angelina jolies idea to start or have an affair with Brad whikr he was still married to Jennifer Aniston. I hope all the BEST in the world for Vince and Jennifer aniston cuz they both deserve it.

  10. Sabrina says

    We all know that Angelina jolie and Brad Pitt are cheaters, especially angelina, shes a freakin homewrecker, and i hope they both go to hell for what they did to Jennifer Aniston. first of all angelina is a bad mother and i hope that someday everyone in the world realizes that. Her children deserves more than Angelina jolie and Brad PItt. Brad pitt is a slut and stupid to leave her beautiful, talented,sexy,hot, and the best woman on earth. omg i hate both those sluts, i hope they could go to hell for the sins that they did. DIE DIE DIE!!!

  11. says

    Angelina is a pig, she tries to come off as this dark mysterious person and shes not she is a skank, a junkie, and white trash…and Brad is typical stupid self fullfilling, cheating male. He had the best in the world, Jen is beautiful, sexy, smart and very talented. I can’t wait till Angelina throws him out on his loser ass for her brother or some other woman. it is coming. Angelina tries to come off as the worlds greatest mother, and shes not her kids should be taken away, what kind of mother shows her kids no regard for other feelings, she teaches them to take what you want no matter the consequences the slut was bagging Brad while he was still married. Now she is having her own spawn just what the world needs. Angelina and Brad have no morals or concious they are disgusting. I would like to wish them a long happy life but we all know that ain’t gonna happen. So I will say I hope you both get what you deserve. LOSERS.

  12. sameira osman says

    i think people should leave others to there own devices,if they stay together then good and if they split then so be it, i dont agree with how this couple got together but hey shes preggas now so there you go

  13. jamie says

    Shes a homewrecker!!!!!! I think Brad is a mail slut too…..but oh well their haveing a baby now and poor little jen feels sooooo alone she shouldve done something to keep her husband at home….I still like all three of them but Brad shouldnt have ended their marriage like that….

  14. LaTecia says

    Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we’re looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power. Before we work on artificial intelligence why don’t we do something about natural stupidity?

  15. L. Buell says

    Angelina and Brad deserve eachother! He is a slut and she is spoiled. Whatever angie wants…angie gets. The next two years are going to be very interesting. Angie at one point decided to adopt and become involved in helping 3rd world countries but that was when she was thinking. Since then she has used her “name” and the good work she has done to promote herself when she is not looking too good in the public eye and I am not talking about her swollen lips. Then there was the feel sorry for me, I am having a hard pregnancy, my mom’s deathly ill (why did she not RUN to her mothers side then????) and if I dont get prego and give Brad the child that he so wants, he will leave me boo hoo, DUH!
    Now that the “fun” of their relationship is ending and the honeymoon is over, let’s see how much they both “give” in this relationship. And by the way Angie- tell us what that bruise was on your left hand knuckles and Brads right eye and lip? I can well imagine you like “things rough” but girl you need psychological HELP! Your dad was right in what he said!! You are not “Fit” to have adopted children. Let’s see How Long YOU Angie stay home with them? or is Brad the built in babysitter and maid? Don’t adopt any more- it is No longer helping you in your so called good girl image! We see you for the person you really are- mentally ill, manipulative and deceptive! I pray that your children do not learn these sick ways of your life!

  16. robert says

    Fisha… This isn’t about AJ. It is about all the other pathetic individuals that look up to these people because of their fat bankrolls. My MOM works harder than her and makes in a year what AJ makes while she shits. Take your blinders off and realize your own good forturne rather than waste your time wishing you were somebody your not. Who gives a crap how much these people have? Ever seen inside one of their caskets? Not much difference, huh? Losers.

  17. says

    i think she looks good for a pregnant lady and very much be able to help the poor and take care of her children and herself…She has a lot to do and still able to accomplish alot……..So to all that think rudely of her can go **** yourself cuz you probably can’t do all the things she has already done…………………

  18. says

    If she was so self absorbed why would she have adopted kids? Why would she go around the world helping poor countries? You need to look at what she is doing and learn from it. You’ re an idiot.

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