Amazing Observation from one of our Babyrazzi peeps!

Quote from one cool peep:

“First the baby, then the film – then we’ll get married this summer” What a douche bag.  If he really loved Katie he would have married her when he first got her pregnant last year.
Let’s see if he really marries her once the baby is born and he has full control of the situation.  God, I pity her.

Another peep:
I’d like to see that smarmy fagboy pass a watermelon in total silence. He’d be screaming for drugs and cursing L. Ron inside five seconds of the first contraction.


Read this fantastic link on, “Why I Hate Tom Cruise.”  It is a hilarious education of sorts!  Source

Katie Holmes pregnant



  1. Adriana says

    Everyone who’s anyone, and who’s intelligent enough to put 2 and 2 together know that Tom Cruise is not batting for the home team. Also, anyone who believes that this ISN’T a publicity ploy to cover up that fact needs to examine the beginning of his career, the comments made by his first wife and the fact that he can’t seem to sleep in the same bed as his former wives. Come on People! Can everyone say…DESPERATE???

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