Liv Tyler with Milo Looking Yummymummylicious!

Liv Tyler’s baby boy Milo may have inherited his mother’s good looks, but it seems likely he got his blonde locks from his father, Royston Langdon. The contrast between Milo’s golden blonde hair and Liv’s jet black mane was plain to see when the two were snapped out and about in the fashionable Soho area of New York this week.

The one-year-old was wearing a trendy brown top with jokey bear ears attached to the hood as he enjoyed a day out in New York on Thursday.
With Milo now fourteen months old, Liv is looking fantastic! The 28-year-old yummy mummy proved she had recovered her enviable form when she stepped out for the premiere of new flick Lonesome Jim last week, but the pretty performer says getting back in shape after having a baby is not so easy as some A-list stars make it appear.

“It’s so hard to lose your baby weight!”, she said. “Everyone makes it look like it just drops off.” The 5ft 10in actress isn’t too concerned about being super-slim, and has been a refreshing voice of honesty about just how much work it really takes to lose the baby weight. She is so wise to realize that sacrificing your own well-being and that of your baby so that you can look frightfully skinny right away is seflish and insane!
Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler



  1. Lisa says

    It is a custom to kiss a person on each cheek , so grow up ladies. She is just showing her appreciation to this close friend. Liv you look so comfortable as a mother and I am so glad you are not all glammed out each and everytime you go out. It shows she has her priorities right.

  2. leandra says

    Luv Liv …..great actress, and great looking actress,and cute baby…I wait for more movies…with her in them….

  3. TheNannyYouLove says

    I doubt very much she is a lesbian and if she is who cares!!!! I do think it kinda looks like she’s about to kiss the other woman on the lips though 😉 I’m pretty sure it’s the camera angle thoughPictures don’t always tell the truth.

    Gorgeous baby and mommy!!!!!

  4. Annie says

    Who cares if she is a lesbian, if that is what she wants to do then all beit. I think she might be the affectionate type..

    Anyways she is stillhella rich and will always

  5. Braydie says

    omg shes not a lesbian. she looks to be a awsome mother and we all know shes a great actress. shes also a great WIFE.

  6. says

    oh my goodness, anyone that can say bad things about liv, must be perfect because she is so sincere, honest, and hardworking, just look at her she looks like your normal mom, shes very much grounded and ok with herself, but are you? clohe????????? she truely is a terrific person with a great personality………..

  7. carebear says

    if she is a lezbian that is her and her lover business, i thought she was married to the father of her baby, c’mon do you know who her father is?

    love you liv

  8. little whit says

    that’s pretty rude that u say ewwww there lezbian so what get over ur self cloe and fisha

  9. kinny says

    Okay, can you say classy, beautiful, talented, real and a natural beauty?? Liv is all that. I with this gal all the happiness in the world. I appreciate you!

  10. Judy Yates says

    I think Liv Tyler is a wonderful actress and one of the few truly honest gals in Hollywood today. When I read stories in the press that Liv Tyler has commented on, her answers seem very honest and sincere – I am sooooo glad there are still a few Hollywood personalities out there that still tell it like it really is! I wish Liv & her Husband and Family the very best!

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