Poor Katie Holmes

I think that Katie Holmes seems like a very sweet girl. I think, as do most, that Tom Cruise is scary and gay. I never thought he was “hot.” Even when he was in Top Gun I thought he looked creepy and like a gay alien. I feel protective of Katie as do many. She seems like his innocent prey.

She is supposedly due any day now and must endure a silent birth (without her friends and family present), which is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. According to Scientologists babies must be born in a silent atmosphere or they will go mad later in life. The signs outside of Tom Cruise’s home read, “Be silent and make all physical movements slow and understandable.” Who knows? I truly believe that Katie’s family should save her from the maniacal mess of a man.

Katie, 26, will also have to refuse painkillers and can expect few words of comfort because those at the birth are also expected to be quiet. But she can turn to large “instructional” boards delivered by Scientologist “elders.” It has also been said that she is not even allowed to hold her newborn for the first 24 hours of its life.

Katie celebrated her baby shower at the Hollywood Scientology Center on Saturday.

We must pray for this poor girl!

Katie Holmes pregnant


Katie Holmes pregnant



  1. Sarah says

    Agreed to what’s said, but what sickens me the most is “It has also been said that she is not even allowed to hold her newborn for the first 24 hours of its life.”

    Damn, that’s the worst for a mother I think.

  2. Shelly says

    I think Tom Cruise has sucked Katie Holmes into his sick, maniacal, and twisted CULT. Scientology cannot be a religion. If it were, and women were supposed to give silent births, it would be simple, fast and painless. I admit, I wasnt a screamer when I gave birth but I can tell you right now, I wasnt silent. I cried some, I asked for things and I asked for people. I think if Tom requires a silent birth then he can give birth. And as far as Katie’s family not being allowed there, sorry, I think that ones up to Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if my daughter ever meets a scientologist, god help whoever tries to get in the way when I am arriving for the birth of her child/children. Tom, think about it, what the hell is scientology? If god didnt want us to have medical assistance, a loud childbirth or any of the other twisted things you believe in he would have made it known to all of us.
    P.S.–When does the mothership arrive? And if it doesnt will you all kill yourselves in your bunks?

  3. Amanda says

    That is TOTALLY fucked up and personally they all need to get a life.. if religion was meant to be understood as a science it wouldda been done by now! And if women werent meant to scream during labor… it wouldnt be so damn painful!

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