Catherine Zeta-Jones and Carys

This is just a cute picture of Catherine and her daughter Carys. Catherine is just so glamorous. She is such an inspiration!

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Carys



  1. shannon says

    Awhhh Lush x
    i lovee babyss.
    yourr so very pretty , yourr my idal for life
    your daughter is lush to be honest x

  2. Natalie Logan says

    Catherine is so BEAUTIFUL, she is a very good mommy. I love her in all her movies, she does sooooooooo well.

  3. kinny says

    Catherine is so gorgeous! She is in the top 3 celeb natural beauties for me! Wow, she looks fab! But I never understood why she went for an old gezer with chops and jowels like Michael Douglas! Oh, wait, now I remember now, it was his fortune in Bramuda.

  4. chloe says

    ohhhhhhhhhh wwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww she looks like a very very goooooooooooood mommy

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