Britney and Baby Sean Preston Grocery Shopping!

I am sorry, but Britney is adorable! She is shopping at Ralph’s grocery store in Malibu, CA. She is certainly looking casual and comfy, BUT she is grocery shopping for Christ’s sake! That’s okay! She receives a lot of criticism for being too fat, too messy, etc., but that is probably just because she has her priorities straight. After having a baby(if one has the luxury to be able to) a new mom should slow down and savor their child’s fleeting babyhood. She has nothing to prove…it looks like she is just happy! At worst, she looks like a grocery shopper! Good for her!

Catch Britney on Will & Grace this Thursday, March 30th!

Britney Spears Baby 001

Britney Spears Baby 001

Britney Spears Baby 3

Britney Spears Baby 4

Britney Spears Baby 5



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