Cindy Crawford is 40 and 100% Yummy Mummy!

Cindy Crawford is soooo beautiful! It is so inspiring that she has had two beautiful children and is 40 years old! All I can say is WOW! Her son Presley Walker Gerber, is now 6 years old, and her daughter Kaia Jordan Gerber is now 3 years old. Cindy Crawford Vanity Fair Cover Quote From Cindy: “She’s delightful, and I feel so fortunate — a boy and now a girl. Watching Presley interact with her, there are moments you’re least expecting. He’ll go over to her when he thinks no one’s looking and say “Don’t cry, Kaia, I’m here,” and he’ll kiss her. That stuff is so dear.”


  1. Eva says

    Well, if you think the 4 yr old daughter is tall that’s because she is 🙂 Her mom is over 5’8″. I don’t care what they think about Cindy if she is pictured w/no make-up. If someone took a picture of YOU with NO make-up how would YOU look like…me? Dawn of the Living Dead! She still looks great w/no make-up.

  2. Jess says

    She looks beatuful and so not fat. Is it just me or is her daughter tall for a 4 year old.. she is cute too..

  3. g.g. says

    Oh yea she’s pregnant about three in a half months, if you look at the way her stomach were the shirt is lifted up. I am an expert when it comes to pregnancies.

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